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Send Ads to Leads via WhatsApp or Text

Get Feedback From All Leads | One-time Payment

    Service Description

    Send Ads to Leads via WhatsApp or Text plan will change your marketing experience and reduce the frustration of sending messages or distributing dead-end flyers. We share business ads with our consumers and find out their interest. Consumers await messages from us in their text messages or WhatsApp messages. They respond by saying, yes, I am interested or no I am not interested, as well as provide feedback. All consumers are US based and only enter our log if we meet them in person. The service is a great marketing tool and lessens the need to print and distribute flyers. For example, If you create events and you are looking to sell tickets, we can ask individuals if they would be interested in attending the event, then ask if they would like to purchase your ticket. We share business ads with up to 3,000 leads at a time. This service requires one-time payment. By working with our company Leads by Business Solutions Buzzz, you will find consumers who are actually interested in what you offer, and they will act upon it. We build a relationship with our consumers. They love to respond to us and let us know what they are interested in. For some other social platforms that are not necessarily selling a product, it still works in the same way. We can share your Instagram, Facebook or other social page with 1,000 leads and ask to follow, as well as ask about their genuine interest in the platform and we will provide you with the feedback. If you need us to create image ads at $20 or video ads at $50, please book this additional service by clicking the link here: image ads ( or video ads ( All ads are delivered within 1-3 days. You will be able to schedule your appointment for us to contact you regarding this service during the booking process.

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