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Digital Marketing & Social Page Mgmt.

Social Page Management 100,000 Social Post Shares Customer Support Create Social Post Daily Report

    Service Description

    Leads by Business Solutions Buzzz provides customer digital marketing/social media management service! Our team of communication specialists are able to work remotely for any business globally at a rate of $5 per hour. Our general weekly plan includes 8 hrs. per day for 5 days (up to 120 hours weekly). This plan includes creating social media content, managing social pages for businesses, creating ads and social media campaigns, as well as responding to messages on social platforms and submitting a daily report. We currently support Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for this service. Digital Marketing/Live Promotion/Social Page Management/Customer Support Marketers are able to manage your business account. This person would be responsible for posting at least once daily on your social pages and responding to all social media comments. Page managers work 8 hrs. daily. They will be sharing your social posts 25,000 times per month or 100,000 times per month, depending on the plan that you choose. Weekly plan ($250) - Daily Social Posts + 100,000 Shares + Live Chat (40 hrs./wk) Monthly plan ($250) - Social Posts (10) + 25,000 Shares + Chat Support (40 hrs./wk) Once you have completed booking this service, we will contact you to receive further information about your projections for your social page.

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