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Customer Service & Appointment Setting

Weekly Plan ($6 per hr)

    Service Description

    Leads by Business Solutions Buzzz provides customer service and appointment-setting service! Our team of communication specialists are able to work remotely for any business globally at a rate of $6/hr for a regular 40 hr week. The cost is $240, with an additional management fee of $80 weekly. The total weekly cost is $320. Our general weekly plan includes 8 hrs. of customer service support for 5 days. This plan includes phone support, call logging, and submitting a daily report. This service is usually operational within 4-5 business days. Service Details *$6 per hour (160 hrs.) *This service includes (call logging/recording /quality management) *This plan includes unlimited calls within the US and Canada and 200 free SMS (Inbound & Outbound) *This plan allows you to hire 1 customer service agent (you may purchase multiple memberships depending on the number of agents that you need and your business call volume during the booking process) *Call Center platform- RingCentral

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