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Custom Business Plan

Organized and Goal-oriented Business Plans

  • 120 US dollars

Service Description

Your custom business plan will follow the outline that has been shared below. 1. Executive Summary The executive summary for the business plan will include: Business name and location Products and/or services offered Mission and vision statements 2. Company Description The company description will feature: The legal structure of your business (corporation, sole proprietorship, etc.) An overview of your products/services, customers, and suppliers A summary of company's goals, including financial or market highlights 3. Products and Services This section will include a detailed description of your product/service that emphasizes customer benefits. 4. Market Analysis The market analysis will include: A sketch of the targeted customer segments, including size and demographics of each group An industry description and outlook, including statistics Historical, current and projected marketing data for your product/services An explanation of the market role of your product/service and advantages it has over similar businesses 5. Strategy and Implementation This includes a summary of sales and marketing strategy. 6. Organization and Management Team This is the outline of your company's organizational structure (identify the owners, management team and board of directors). 7. Financial Plan and Projections This section of your plan include: Historical financial data (if you own an established business), including income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements for the past three to five years Realistic prospective financial information, including forecasted income, capital expenditure and budget for the next five years A brief analysis of your financial data and trend analysis for all financial statements A member of our team will contact you in regard to your projections for your business plan once you have completed the booking process. The turnaround time for your business plan is 4 business days.

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