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Leads by Business Solutions Buzzz was created to provide marketing services that will generate leads for your business as well as provide services that will help your business to function efficiently on a daily basis. Our parent company, "Business Solutions Buzzz Inc.," was incorporated in the state of New York, in September 2022. 

This platform allows you to reduce the cost of operating your business with rates as low as $6 per hour for some services. We offer over 20 services that will help consumers to build a lasting relationship with your brand and help you to generate more business leads.

Our marketing specialist groups consist of social media ad creators, content creators (Youtube, Facebook, and more), social media influencers, online affiliate agents, live marketing agents, as well as online or live promoters. 

Marketing specialist groups are further subcategorized based on the niches that individual members represent or the markets that they already have influence in. These niche groups include home improvement, fashion, beauty products or services, earning online, education centers or schools, financial investment, pet, relationship, personal development, health products, health services, fitness or exercise. and software or gadgets.

Business owners may contact us to hire customer service/virtual assistant agents. Call recording, training, and quality service management are also available for this service. The cost for this service is as low as $5 per hour.  Choose Leads By Business Solutions Buzzz to represent your company efficiently and professionally.


Lioniel Crawford


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